Friendship meals are served at Logo12.00 pm on Monday through Friday at Jefferson Plaza, 220 N 3rd St, Sterling, KS 67579. 


The suggested donation is $4.00 for seniors (with an assessment) and $6.50 for guests.  Please contact Loida - Meals coordinator [620-278-3280] at least 24 hours ahead to let her know you will be attending [leave a message if there is no answer].




Home Delivery provides meals to home-bound seniors over 60 and their spouses or dependent, disabled adult children.  The program is aimed at promoting better health among the home-bound and older segment of the population.  Home Delivery provides both nutrition and help to keep the individual in their own home, reducing the chance of institutionalization.  The program also provides social contact through meal delivery volunteers to a person who may otherwise be home-bound and isolated.

To find out more information contact the Sterling Friendship Meals at 620-278-3280.

There are also opportunities for volunteers to deliver these meals to people around Sterling.  Please contact Loida at 620-278-3280.